Source code for mbtest.imposters.behaviors.copy

# encoding=utf-8
from typing import Mapping, Union

from mbtest.imposters.base import JsonSerializable, JsonStructure
from mbtest.imposters.behaviors.using import Using

[docs]class Copy(JsonSerializable): """Represents a `copy behavior <>`_. :param from_: The name of the request field to copy from, or, if the request field is an object, then an object specifying the path to the request field. :param into: The token to replace in the response with the selected request value. :param using: The configuration needed to select values from the response. """ def __init__(self, from_: Union[str, Mapping[str, str]], into: str, using: Using) -> None: self.from_ = from_ self.into = into self.using = using
[docs] def as_structure(self) -> JsonStructure: return {"from": self.from_, "into": self.into, "using": self.using.as_structure()}
[docs] @classmethod def from_structure(cls, structure: JsonStructure) -> "Copy": return cls(structure["from"], structure["into"], Using.from_structure(structure["using"]))